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​Takao Hashimoto

1980 Born in Kumamoto Japan

2008 Graduate Visualarts Osaka

2008-2011 Iino media pro  

2011- Base in Berlin

Solo exhibition

2011 "Abjet"    Nitehi Works in yokohama

2015 "Abjet" Gallery Emma T in Berlin

2012 "Abjet" and "Helbst in Berlin" in  Gallery Bild plus Berlin  


1980/  Born in Kumamoto, Japan.

2008/  Completed in Photography at Visual Arts Osaka.

2008-2011/  Worked at Iino media pro (Photo studio) Tokyo.

2011~/ Works in Berlin.

2121~/ Works in Japan and Berlin.

Solo Exhibition

2011/ 「Abjet」 at Nitehi Works, Yokohama, Japan.

2015/ 「Abjet」 at Gallery Emma T, Berlin Germany.

2020/ 「風をこぐ / To Row the Wind」at Reizenso, Fukuoka Japan.

2021~ 2020/「風をこぐ / To Row the Wind」Exhibition tour in Japan.


Group Exhibition

2012/ 「Unsichtbar」 at Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg Germany.

2012/ 「Unsichtbar」 at Gallery Bild plus, Berlin Germany.


2021/「Kette」Honorable Mention at Canon new cosmos of photography.

2021/ 「風をこぐ To Row the Wind」 Mochuisle Books.

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